Digital Twin


My team had the creative task to create a five minute Mixed Reality experience for all visitors at the 2018 Hannover Messe . The project was paid for Toyota Material Handling and the project time budget was only a month. Everyone on the team was excited to create an original piece on the HoloLens for the first time in their careers as it was truly a unique learning experience.

Competitive Research

From analysing other showcase applications, the biggest insight was the lack of interactions so users could focus on story content. From user testing first-time users of the device, I became aware that new users struggle to learn the air tap gesture and it would be time consuming to teach. The question that came out of the research was "How can first-time users navigate through an application on the HoloLens without air tapping?"

Competitor Research

User Journey

Because the solution needed to tell a story, I outlined a story arch of the key points the customer wished to make. And since time was very short, I illustrated a detailed storyboard to design the experience of multiple touch points. With the storyboards as a reference, I was able to write clear user stories about the moderator and the user. The experience had to be confined around a table because we were limited to room space.

User Journey Storyboard 1 Storyboard 2

User Testing

From the detailed storyboard, I concepted the gaze button to answer my initial question. The user could select with only their gaze, which avoids the use of the air tap gesture. The user tests proved the gaze button be useful, which spared us precious minutes from giving air tapping tutorials.

Button Design User Test

Hannover Messe and Experience Video

On the week of the convention, I was there as a facilitator and we gave almost 200 demos per day. Visitors of all ages were able to navigate through the experience under 5 minutes and everyone was excited to see what innovations Microsoft and TMH were bringing to the future. In post-mortem, the two biggest problems I failed to anticipate was the noise at the convention and the harsh lighting from the sun roof. The noise made it difficult for users to hear the voice overs and soundeffects, and the pure sun light somtimes tinted out the holograms. Please watch the capture video that I helped make to have a better idea of the experience.

Demoing the app