What is it?

Flamingo is an application on the HoloLens that demonstrates the device's spatial mapping capability. It contextually creates a biome to the user's environment. It is full of pure imagination and is an execlusive experience for partners, who were wanting to innovate into Mix Reality for their business, unfortunately.

End to end journey

The creative team took a week to research the mood and tone of the app. With the look decided, I had to come up with a user journey of the application in the form of a storyboard. With a storyboard, the team could align their assumptions and come up with their own tasks for the coming sprints.


Designing the onboarding experience

The focus was to demonstrate spatial mapping for people who never used the HoloLens before. Since I have tested the device with new users several times, I had to focus on the onboarding process. By talking with my engineer team, I listed the user tasks. I sketched out the 3D interface because the engineers needed to understand the spatial concept of the experience. To prototype the look and feel, I created a conceptual video with Maya and After Effects.

Feature Sketch