Our client (Dupont) wanted to showcase Intexar's wearable thermal technology at their technology center in Silicon Valley. Our job was to augment the showcase for exclusive guests.
I researched the technology center in order to get an idea who is invited. Meet Steve the Strategic Partner. He is looking for a supplier of a certain material for his mass production needs. When Steve sees a showcase, it's important he learns about the materials to have an idea how it could apply to his business. Based on Steve's needs, I came up with the user experience with a storyboard.
Persona Dupont Storyboard
Based on the storyboard, I could map out the user flow of the entire experience. Since we wanted to encourage the user to walk around the jacket, I positioned one holographic content, that highlights a key feature, on each side of the jacket. For the visual UI, we took Intexar's brand identity as inspiration.
User Flow Spatial design sketch System Design
Testing until Delivery
When we had a working build on the device, I immediately conducted user tests. After conducting five users tests, the onboarding experience proved most complicated. We employed the user to calibrate the experience from the start. The lens can disrupt the user's depth perception for manual 3D placement. Because we had to deliver this software solution on time, the best solution was to give detailed guidance with illustrations and text. In the end the customer was satisfied; therefore, we were happy.
Experience capture of the project. Sound and music had to be removed.